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Lavender and Tea Tree Deodorant

This all natural deodorant will moisturize your underarms while keeping you stink free!

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Product Description

With traditional, aluminum based deodorants being linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer, who wouldn’t want to find a natural alternative?  Have you tried natural deodorants, but had little success?  Did they cause skin irritation or just simply not work, leaving you less than fresh smelling by the days end?  Don’t give up!  After 6 months of reformulations and research, this deodorant is both gentle and extremely effective!  It was developed containing a small amount of baking soda to be gentle on your skin, an effective bacteria fighting blend of essential oils, and odor fighting magnesium oil (which most of us need more of in our bodies anyway- bonus!!).  To use: Wash underarms well with antibacterial soap.  Gently apply with 3-4 swipes.

Ingredients:  coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, magnesium oil, beeswax,  baking soda, tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil


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